Luddites OzChi24 2012
  • Welcome to our blog! We are The Luddites, a team from the Interaction Design Lab at The University of Melbourne competing in the 2012 ozCHI 24 hour design challenge!

    We will be chronicling our design process on this blog over the 24 hour challenge!

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Luddites OzChi24 2012

Final Note Cloud Computing by Luddites OzChi24 2012

Cloud Computing   Luddites OzChi24 2012   Jo-Anne B. Loquellano Kayla Heffernan Marcus Carter Mitchell Harrop Pedro Rosas   The University of Melbourne   Introduction Currently, technologies that harness ubiquitous, mobile and pervasive computing have been developed to focus on providing opportunities for collaboration or connection between geographically dispersed users. In the ozCHI’12 24 hour … Continue reading

Video’s done, and with a bonus!

The video has been finished!!!!! It’s been an interesting ride to distill our wild ideas to paper prototypes, then onto Powerpoint/Keynote prezos, and finally a video. Check out a second prototype we captured on video, which didn’t make the final cut. But going back to our big idea. We theorize that cloud collaboration can actually … Continue reading

Final Prototypes and documenting the process

sketches – paper prototypes – final low fidelity prototypes

Cleaning up and whittling down!

Well past the halfway mark and well into merging our prototype ideas into our 3 minute video. As part of our whittling down phase we also saw it fit to clean up the kitchen table, which had seen a smorgasbord of our ideas earlier.   Now, if only we can as quickly clean up and … Continue reading

Storifying the Research Process

After lunch, we split the team to both save time, and enable us to share information to generate the most ideas. This also allowed us to determine parallels between the literature and the interviews. We tweeted furiously through the whole process, and we’ve documented that for the pleasure of our handsome and intelligent judges 😉 … Continue reading

Why the silence?

Brainstorming iterations (round and round and round and….) Dinner with the enemy Birthday celebrations!

Field Research

We’ve temporarily split in two: Marcus and Mitchell are an operation literature review, playing research wars- the best war there is. Three interviews down, and one more in progress. – Interview 1 face to face in Melbourne – Interview 2 1,00km away via the phone – Interview 3 a whopping 25,265km away via skype – … Continue reading

The First 4 Hours…. STORIFIED

Using Storify, I’ve recorded some of the tweets from each of our team members to show the design process as it happened! [View the story “The First 4 Hours…. STORIFIED” on Storify]